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In situations where masonry has cracked and failed, as a result of ground movement, weathering or increased loads or stresses, the unique Helibeam System provides stress-free horizontal bed-joint reinforcement which ties the masonry together with deep masonry beams which distribute and create the structural loads. Other ties and fixings provide lateral and vertical restraint to complete the system, which is applicable to all types of masonry structures.

For many situations the Helibeam System offers a structurally sound alternative, at significantly less cost than underpinning and other traditional repair methods. Overall disturbance to the ground, building and occupants is considerably reduced and after re-pointing and making good, the building is left virtually unmarked.

Approved Thor Helical Helibeam Installers

ASRS Preservation Ltd are approved installers of the Thor Helical Helibeam System and can offer Indemnified Design for most projects. We are also pleased to offer advice, make free site visits and propose structural repair programmes.

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1. Reconnecting Party Walls With External Walls

CemTies are installed simultaneously with HeliBond grout into angled clearance holes drilled, to the required depth, through the external wall and into the party wall.

2. Stabilising Bowed Walls Into Joist Ends

BowTies are inserted through a clearance hole in the masonry and power driven directly into the joist end before bonding with PolyPlus resin into the masonry.

3. Repairing Separated Masonry

CemTies and HeliBond grout are installed into clearance holes drilled through the near leaf and at least 75mm into the far leaf. The density of the ties will depend upon the degree of separation, the material, the cause and the condition of the masonry overall.

4. Reconnecting Internal Walls With External Walls

Predetermined slots on the internal wall are channelled out to the specified length right into the corner. Angled holes of 10mm are drilled from the corner into the external wall. Single lengths of HeliBar are bent to shape with the angled end being PolyPlus resin bonded into the hole and the remainder HeliBond grouted into the Internal wall.

5. Repairing Brick Arch Lintels

Parallel lengths of HeliBar rod are bonded into the the specified cut slot directly above the existing lintel. Angled CemTiles or DryFix ties are installed through the lintel into the masonry above the lower Helibars.

6. Repairing Cracks Near Corners And Openings

Where cracks are less than 500mm from an external corner or an opening, at least 100mm should be bent around the corner and bonded into the return wall or bent and fixed into the reveal, avoiding any DPC membrane.

7. Stabilising Bowed Walls Into Joist Sides

Bowties are inserted through clearance holes in the masonry and first joist and power driven directly into the second joist before being bonded into the masonry with PolyPlus resin.

8. Creating Masonry Beams

The Helibeam System uses parallel lengths of HeliBar reinforcing rod bonded into predetermined cut slots (normally the mortar beds) with HeliBond grout to form deep masonry beams with distribute the building loads. a) shows a beam resisting the horizontal displacement of a bowing wall. Due to the internal stairwell BowTies cannot be used as there are no joists at this point. b) shows a beam resisting vertical loads to prevent building subsidence.

9. Crack Stitching

Lengths of HeliBar rod extending 500mm either side of the crack are bonded into cut slots, normally the mortar beds, with HeliBond or PolyPlus resin.

10. Repairing Or Creating Flat Arch Lintels

Parallel lengths of HeliBar rod are bonded into the specified cut slots above the existing lintel.

11. Replacing Cavity Wall Ties

DryFix wall ties are power driven directly into both leaves, via a small pilot hole around 6mm diameter. RetroTies are driven into a 4.5mm pilot hole in the far leaf, via a clearance hole in the near leaf into which they are bonded with PolyPlus resin. ResiTies are resin bonded into a 10mm holes in both leaves.

12. Ceiling Joist Pinning

RetroTie fixings are driven at an angle through the joist and into the masonry, via a small pilot hole, and the projecting end is hammered over.

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