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Bridge Repairs & Maintenance

Increases in loads and stresses caused by heavier vehicles and faster speeds mean even structurally sound road and rail bridges often require strength enhancing to maintain and prolong their useful life. In Transport Research Laboratory tests the Helibeam System, installed by ASRS, achieved the highest level of structural load capacity of any tested system repair. The original appearance is retained, load bearing and performance is improved and it is very cost effective avoiding the need for taking down and rebuilding. The system is accepted by Railtrack and English Heritage.

Using individually designed strategies of beaming and pinning in appropriate combinations, virtually all serious problems can be overcome. By designing individual repair strategies for specific bridges, the Helibeam System components, installed by ASRS, are able to secure masonry, stitch cracks, create masonry beams and redistribute the structural loads without the introduction of additional stresses. By installing a larger number of smaller components which work in a composite action with the masonry, bridges and tunnels can be restored while being visually unimpaired and able to continue normal structural movement.

ASRS Preservation Ltd have the expertise, experience and resources to design and complete
repair and maintenance programmes for bridges of all sizes.

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